Photoshop tutorial – Modern site template – Part 3

Hi all!
This is 3rd part of “Modern site layout” (mockup) design tutorial. Today we will create background, footer and main part of our layout.


First of all we will change background. Create new layer under background layer.

Fill with #efefef, add some noise.

Create new layer under this layer. Change blending mode to multiply. Now burn with burn tool like shown below.

Now if we look at navigation arrow we see that arrow is not have contrast. To add contrast we need simply change color of this arrow.

Change it to #777777.

Add one pixel size line on slider.

Turn on guides view. Go to view->Show->Guides, create new layer.
Text settings shown below. This is for title.

And this is for secondary text.

Add with Rectangle marque tool rectangle with #333333 color.

Now put this layers into one group. Create group, call it “Main-box”. Then duplicate that group 2 times. The result is shown below.

Change color of the title of “main-box” to #0b7cbc. I add some pictures that i found on google.

Now select pencil tool. Settings shown below.

And make dots like shown below.

Add footer text. Text settings shown below.

Thats it.

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